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Telephone:(08) 8723 6262 or 1300 558 879
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USB Recharge Pre-Paid Wireless Pen

Modem/Sim Card - up-front payment   - $130.00

Monthly Plans






Monthly Access

$16.00 p/m

$30.00 p/m

$35.00 p/m

$39.00 p/m  

$50.00 p/m

Critical Information Summary

Critical Information Summary

Critical Information Summary

Critical Information Summary

Critical Information Summary

12 Month Plan



Yearly Access

$180 p/y  ($0.0005/MB)

Critical Information Summary

Each recharge is valid for 30 days or the data limit which ever comes first.

1. On each recharge another 30days usage limit applies.
2.  Modem provided with DOA warranty only
3.  Service only available in Optus 3G areas.
4.  Interech Country/Optus does not guarantee coverage.
5.  Postage and Handling not included.
6.  All plans include uploads and downloads when calculating data consumption.
7.  Price subject to change.
8.  Terms & Conditions subject to change
9.  The maximum an individual account can download per calendar month is a combined total of of both uploads and downloads.
10. By signing and or using this product you agree to any/all terms & conditions which are and may be imposed on this.
11. Any unused data allowance cannot be rolled over.

Because the wireless service is  classed as a Mobile GSM/3G service you must get a 100 Points of ID before the service can be connected.

General Point Guide:
Drivers Licence: 80 Points
Birth Certificate: 80 Points
Passport: 80 Points
Bank/Credit Card: 20 Points
Medicare Card: 20 Points
Utility Bill: 20 Points

please note:A copy of these records must be kept on file by us.

please note: this is on the Optus 3G network not the Telstra NextG network.
Intertech Country will be going around the region and testing the availability and signal strength of the wireless pen. We will be creating a list of the areas covered and have the results online here for your information.

If you require more information or would like to join please contact us on
(08) 8723 6262 or 1300 558 879