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Telephone:(08) 8723 6262 or 1300 558 879
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We will provide you with the fastest service available - up to 20Mbps, 8Mbps or 1.5Mbps depending on your local exchange.

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Mobile Broadband gives you access to the internet. No cables - just wireless internet for your laptop, computer, tablet or iPad.
Take it with you when you go away.


Welcome to Intertech's Clients Business website directory list where you can find a variety of different businesses online. All the websites listed are hosted by Intertech Country.


Login to the Members Area to view and  monitor your monthly usage and view your monthly invoice.

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Does your computer have a virus that needs to be removed or needs repairing, we can repair or upgrade your computer for you.  

We also sell new Computers and accessories as well.

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Contact us about connecting to the NBN
(National Broadband Network)

Scam Alert: If you get an email with the subject of:Alert - Intertech Country: icisp.net.au saying the email is to notify you that we plan to transfer your icisp.net.au Webmail… this is a scam delete the email right away.