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Telephone:(08) 8723 6262 or 1300 558 879
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Check your account

Account Cancellation

To cancel you account simply telephone us on either
(08) 8723 6262 or 1300 558 879 with your account details.

To protect your security and privacy, the account holder is the only person who can authorise the cancellation of the connection/account, no one else has this authority regardless of the relationship to the account holder.

Members you can check your usage by logging into the Telcom Member Portal by clicking on the link shown below https://customerportal.utilibill.com.au/moretelecom/

The member portal on the website requires:

· Your new account number;

· Account Password

Contact us to arrange the setup of your account access
Click in the unbilled link after you have logged in, add the download and upload amounts together to get your download usage used for the current month.